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Dance Performance: “Hidden Language”

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Date: 16th April 2019
Time: 19:00
Location: ARGEkultur Salzburg, tanz_house Studio

Tickets: +43/(0)662/848784 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hidden Language by Birgit Mühlmann- Wieser
Choreographie: Birgit Mühlmann- Wieser
Movement research / dance: Fanny Didelot, Birgit Mühlmann- Wieser
Performance: Ansuela Braunschmid
Video: Nicole Baïer
Music: Gustavo Petek
Light: Robert Herbe
Costume: Janett Sumbera

Is experimenting with the world of restrictions, rigor as well as uncontrolled movement and shifted perception. Estranged body awareness represented through Morbus Parkinson disease.
Touching moments of our society.

A b.m-w dance company production supported by Kultur Stadt Salzburg, Kultur Land Salzburg, tanzimpulse Salzburg, Szene Salzburg, Parkinson Selbsthilfe Salzburg, Parkinson Selbsthilfe Österreich – Dachverband und vom Dachverband der Selbsthilfe Salzburg, atelier de montage.