choreography / dance performance: Birgit Mühlmann-Wieser

music / composition: Robert Kainar

movement advisory: Gail Skrela Hetzer

assistance: Perle Cayron

production: b.m-w dance company

supporters: Szene Salzburg, Tanz_house
Elysium, a solo dance performer explores her primal female power - courage, strength and sensuality awaken in joy and love. The mysticism of this choreography is supported with live music and helps to unleash the individual elemental forces towards wholeness: ELYSIUM

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Photos (c) Bettina Salomon


Perfomance Dates

29. October 2022:
Dance Performance: “Elysium”

Gegenwind Festival Hallein

19:30 Alte Schmiede, Pernerinsel