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Premiere Hungry Eyes

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Premiere Hungry Eyes

10. October 2021:
Dance Performance: “Hungry Eyes”

Time: 20:00
Location: tanz_house festival 2021, Salzburg ARGE kultur


From greed to lustful love

‚Please doctor, can you make my wife work again.” (Elia Bragana, sexual health practitioner)‘

‚hungry eyes‘ is an artistic exploration of women‘s sexuality.

It reaches out from naked greed to irrepressable desire, firy lust to sensual love. Three dancers, a musician and a speaker create an open play field which opposes the individual, vividly and lustfully lived sexuality of women to a stigmatisation of women as functioning objects. Sex knowledge is helpful. Woman actively participates!

Humorous, with a twinkle in the eye and devotion, subtle and sensual, the somatically sensed approach to sexuality is contrasted with the pretended, perfect sexuality. A dignity room for women is put up for discussion!