Grenzgänge / Borderlines 2

‘Grenzgaenge / Borderlines 2’’ is a development of the extraordinary production ‘Grenzgaenge / Borderlines – dance in intermedial space’ performed in 2009.

idea / concept: Birgit Mühlmann-Wieser, Christiane Pott-Schlager

choreography / dance: Birgit Mühlmann-Wieser

camera: Christiane Pott-Schlager

editing / scenography: Nicole Baïer

sound design: Hartwig Hochmair

video dance partner : Bernhard Ederer

docu camera: Sina Moser

The collaboration of a choreographer, a painter and a video artist characterises isolation and restriction through social conventions. Marginalized are privacy as well as the cross pass, infringe and transgress of personal territories and inner psychological limits or the penetration through outer influences.

Immersed is the view on the inner world of the border-liner. Developed are new views on her split personality, her desires, and fears  are outlined. Three video projections dip the performer into abstract coal landscape and merge with the images of her visualized world.

The audience seems to be in the middle of the piece. Repetitive metallic sounds add to the picture of a rushed and overly technological world. The dance performance and repetitive movement patterns are motivated by instructions from symbolic signs and developed into absurd, abstract and dreamlike sequences and pictures.

The interplay of picture, movement and sound stresses as well as compresses the daily inner tightrope of the individual.